"This experience was life changing for me."
- Beata, New York

"I can honestly say that learning Vedic Meditation has been one of the best things in my life. Not only has it helped me on my spiritual journey, but the calming effect it has had on my mind and emotions has made me more effective in my work and in my personal relationships. I am so thankful that I met Bradley -- he truly has wisdom beyond his years and a life perspective that is continually positive and refreshing. He is a living testament to this practice."
- Carey, Los Angeles

"Bradley inhabits one of the most genuine, thoughtful and honorable approaches to life that I've ever witnessed. As a teacher, he is not only knowledgeable, but is also able to share the wisdom he has developed with compassion, humility, and respect. He has taken the time to observe, contemplate and experience the truth of what he teaches, and he is someone I feel confident trusting to capably guide me -- and everyone else involved with him -- toward sustainable well-being and personal growth."
- Ashley, Los Angeles

"Bradley is a not just a well studied, fountain of knowledge of the Vedic tradition, but he is a natural teacher and is someone who listens with his heart. He introduced Vedic Meditation to me and one word was all it took -- 'Effortless.' And that's truly what it is. Bradley's guidance along with his humility allow him to be the kind of teacher that helps you find the path, and then sets you free to roam and cultivate it. I am so grateful he opened my eyes and heart to this tradition as it has changed the way I see things and the way I think. That has been the most powerful, unexpected gift -- an expanding consciousness and perspective."
- Alexis, Los Angeles

"Bradley's passion is entirely infectious, and he has a gift for sharing it. He communicates ideas in a patient, thorough, and immediately relatable way. I have seen firsthand his enormous capacity for generosity of spirit and thought, and I feel honored to consider him a mentor."
- Kate, New York

"Bradley is a special soul and teacher. His calming, loving presence has inspired me to continue my meditation practice daily. During challenging times, Bradley gently guided me back to center, and simply meditating by his side brought me to grace. Bradley has the unique ability to make you feel completely loved as you are, while lifting you up and taking you to that deeper state of consciousness."
- Jamie, Los Angeles

"I count learning to meditate in the Vedic Tradition as one of the best decisions of my life. I have been meditating for three years now and am astonished at the benefits that I've received since learning. I am calmer, stronger, more resilient, and most importantly more present. I have found meditation to be an immensely powerful tool to improve my mind and my life. Bradley is a fantastic teacher. He is patient, clear, and always inspiring. His teaching style is not esoteric -- it is relatable and applicable. You will quickly learn powerful techniques from him and when you are ready to go further in your practice, he will be at the ready to guide you along. He inspired me to learn to meditate and to stick with it, and I believe he will do the same for you."
- Justin, Los Angeles

"Bradley's uniqueness as a teacher of this tradition reveals itself in his authenticity, his grace and his natural luminosity. Here we have a true teacher who deeply listens and relates to students of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. In being the teacher and person that he is, he inspires you to expand further into your highest potential as the exceptional human being you were born to be."
- Rachel, New York

"I'm so grateful for Bradley's generosity to me and my family. From the first time we spoke, everything felt right. From scheduling our course to accommodating each of our individual needs, he was right on. Bradley conveyed the knowledge of Vedic Meditation in such a pure and accurate way and the technique, itself, is exactly what we needed. It's simple, effortless, and effective. We are now enjoying our new practice and its many benefits on a daily basis. I only wish I had done this years ago. It's just what I've been looking for."
- Joe, Seattle

"Since I started, I have seen such an improvement in my overall well-being, health, mood, and my ability to be truly present -- not only during meditation, but also throughout the day. I have more energy and less stress (even though I seem to be doing more -- both at my demanding job and in my extra curricular activities). I also noticed I didn't get sick this year, even during the cold/flu season here in New York. The meditations are wonderful and I feel great. I want everyone to meditate."
- Alexandra, New York

"I can't tell you what a relief meditation has been. Aside from the collateral benefits that I've already seen -- better sleep, less anxiety -- there's something truly comforting about knowing that, no matter how hectic your day gets, you'll have 20 minutes to sit quietly and not be responsible for anything, and not have to remember anything. And that if those 20 minutes aren't enough, there are another 20 waiting for you the next morning. That in and of itself has been worth it."
- Maire, New York

"You were right that this would revolutionize my life. It already has. Many, many huge things have suddenly crystallized and are becoming more deeply clarified, which is the route and the spirit I've been seeking in my life so intensely for the past few years. Everything that was unclear and unsure to me has suddenly become so sure, and feels very meant to be. Everything is also seeming to magically come together in wild ways. It feels like Kismet. You have provided me with such an abundance of spiritual guidance during this juncture, and I want you to know just how epic it's been and how it has electrified my life."
- Rebecca, New York

"The experience of meditating every day has sort of felt like falling in love. There are butterflies and excitement and you want to tell everyone about it. You can't wait to see each other and even though it's so hard to wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to sit down and meditate before coffee, you do it. Making room for this new great thing in your life doesn't require effort and it doesn't feel like a sacrifice. It feels like I have found an anchor. But unlike love, it is not another person. The anchor is me."
- Sasha, Los Angeles

"This has been an amazing gift. Never have I encountered something so simple and so positive."
- Tom, Los Angeles

"MDT8 has truly enhanced my creative process. I couldn't have predicted the positivity that this practice would bring to my life and had no idea the program would impact me so quickly. Many of my anxieties that were previously present have seemed to disappear. Bradley is also an incredible teacher and mentor and I'm so grateful for the many things he has taught me."
- Danielle, Philadelphia

"Amazing things have seemed to come at me out of nowhere. I have opened up my heart, peeled off layers of stress daily and feel more confident than ever. I have organized my finances and have taken charge of life. Relationships with family and friends have also blossomed. This will be something that continues to inspire, ground, move and affect me for the rest of my life.
I am Grateful always -- thank you, Bradley."

- Heather, Philadelphia

"Practicing meditation has been truly amazing and life-affirming and life-changing."
- Odell, New York


MDT8 (short for meditate) is a global community whose mission is to offer individuals, families, and organizations the opportunity to learn one of the oldest, simplest, and most profound techniques of meditation in the world.


The practice taught is so old (around 5,000 years) that it's had many names since the beginning of recorded history. Teachers of the technique refer to the practice as "Vedic Meditation" as its origins are in the ancient Vedic traditions of India (from which we derive yoga and Ayur Vedic medicine). Even the word "meditation" is a bit of a misnomer as it conjures in the mind ideas of effort, concentration, and focus. More accurately, this practice is a simple mental technique that's most effective when employing the opposite: no effort, no concentration, and no focus.



Reduction of and increased resistance to stress and anxiety, strengthening of the immune system, increased energy levels, improved memory / concentration and decision-making, reversal of certain processes of biological aging, reduction of addictive behaviors, reduction of cholesterol / blood pressure and the risk of heart disease (number one killer in the US), reduction in the risk of cancer, normalization of sleeping patterns, and an expanded consciousness from which to view the world.


Our consciousness is the prism through which we see and experience reality. A broad-spectrum awareness or consciousness gives us the breadth of capability to perceive the world simultaneously in its biggest picture as well as within the smallest of details. As consciousness grows, we gain the repertoire to hold many things in our awareness at once -- the capacity not only to discriminate and differentiate, but also to find unified themes among seemingly disparate ideas and events. Patterns in our daily lives and relationships become recognizable, as well, and we're able to minimize guess-work by antcipating the subtle cues of progressive change. We can detect the trend of evolution and the right decisions become intuitive. We also gain an increased capacity to adapt to changes of expectation and the ability to interact with (instead of react to) any situation thrown our way. An expanded consciousness aligns us with the supreme creativity and organizing power of Nature.

  Photo by Christopher Medak


Bradley is founder and executive director of MDT8, a global organization that trains individuals and companies to be completely self-sufficient in the practice of meditation.

His work as a teacher, award-winning filmmaker, and entrepreneur is rooted in a deep fascination with consciousness expansion and its practical integration with creativity, productivity, and life purpose.

Having traveled with and trained as protégé to pre-eminent master of Vedic knowledge, Maharishi Vyasananda, Bradley has practiced and studied the subtle art and science of meditation for the last twelve years. His certification as a Vedic Meditation teacher (one of only about 150 in the world) compliments a holistic approach to health, equanimity and high performance that includes yoga, Eastern philosophy, performance coaching, and bio-hacking. Bradley's students include CEOs, clinical psychologists, doctors, attorneys, Academy / Emmy / Tony-award nominated filmmakers and theatre artists, and students ranging in age from 4 - 74. One of his greatest passions is sharing wisdom and experience with humor and inspiration, helping individuals and companies to realize their fullest potential.

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To learn meditation in cities around the world or when Bradley's unavailable to teach, MDT8 can arrange courses with several other master teachers who have made themselves available.