After a year (or more) of consistent twice-a-day practice of Vedic Meditation, an Advanced Technique is designed to deepen one's experience of unity both in the practice itself as well as in waking life. The integration of "ritam" (that subtle, charming and deep stratum of consciousness experienced before transcendence) with layers of thinking and action is strengthened through the practice of an Advanced Technique. Sensory acuity is refined in order to saturate one's awareness with a baseline of supreme equanimity while engaged in the demands of life's activities. Two sessions are required to become proficient in this technique (the first of which needs to be on a day when beginners receive their initial technique) and a course fee consistent with your original offering is our guideline. To book a course, please register here.


Advanced Courses include philosophy, wisdom, and special techniques derived from the Vedic Worldview and recorded by Thom Knoles. Courses are typically listened to and discussed by Vedic Meditators in a group setting as facilitated by a Vedic Meditation teacher. The following Advanced Courses are available to students who have already learned Vedic Meditation:

• Exploring the Veda
• Mastering the Siddhis
• The Conscious Design of Happiness
• The Power of Speech – Giving Clear Direction to the Universe
• Raising Enlightened Children
• Omni-Sexuality – Mastering the Vital Force of Creation
• Dharma Vs. Karma – Living Your Life’s Purpose
• Creating Affluence
• Overcoming Addiction – Breaking Behaviors That Do Not Serve Us
• Graceful Transitions – Dealing with Death and Grieving
• Mastering Meditation
• Romantic Relationships
• Health & Physiology

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Deepen your existing practice of meditation or explore life situations in strict confidence. These one to two hour sessions are designed to examine and maximize students' potential, remove obstacles, and facilitate supreme balance and unity in one's consciousness. To book a session or for inquiries, please make contact here.